An Email to Remember
Sometimes sending just an eCard makes somebody feel good. Let your loved ones know that you care and think about them. Let send An Email to Remember!


FAQ | An Email to Remember


Q1. Is this website for free?
A: Yes. is a free eCard website.

Q2. How about my privacy?
A: We don’t keep your information on the website. As soon as the card is viewed all the information you’ve entered will be removed from our server.

Q3. Are you sending me Newsletter or selling my contact info to third parties?
A: Not al all. We don’t have Newsletter service yet or any other service that collects email addresses. Once card has been viewed, all information will be removed from our server.

Q4. How often do you add new cards to the website?
A: Every week we add new cards to different categories. New cards will be appeared at top.

Q5. I need to run an ad on your website. How can I apply?
A: Please contact us and we’ll send you the packages and pricing.