Qs & Requests eCards to Remember
Sometimes sending just an eCard makes somebody feel good. Let your loved ones know that you care and think about them. Let send An Email to Remember!


Qs & Requests | An Email to Remember

Shall We Meet


Prestigious way to ask for a meeting. You know, I always do that.

Send Me The Address


Ask for an address in a fun way. I hope the address is not like the picture though. It’s creepy.

Plan B


Have you ever counted on somebody else’s plan B. Well, better ask before if there is any.

May I Have This Kiss


Maybe you are shy or don’t have the nerve to ask for a romantic kiss. Why don’t you try this card?

Let’s Watch A Movie


Ask you friend(s) to watch movie together.

Let’s Team Up


Great way to ask for a cooperation. Do it strong together.